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Nicolaas Van Den Bergh
Eve of destruction

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01 Eve of  destruction
02 Things have changed
03 Bit of heaven
04 She's all woman
05 Save the tiger
06 Where do you go my lovely
07 Rainbow
08 Love you baby
09 Sweet mother of mine
10 It could be you
11 The letter
12 South Africa's lament

This is my first Album. For many years as I mentioned in the About Me section on this website, I had a driving ambition to record some of the songs that I had written and to add in a few songs written by others which I have always enjoyed singing. Like Peter Sardstedt’s  Where Do You Go To My Lovely, Phil Sloanes Eve Of Destruction, which song was originally banned in the USA and clearly nothing much has changed today in the words and their relevance, Dylan’s Things Have Changed, a typical odd strange lyrics Dylan classic and The Letter, a song from Army days.

One of the memorable songs I wrote was about my Mothers passing away and how sad it was that I was too late to say goodbye. Sweet Mother of Mine.

Saving The Tiger is one of my passions and I wrote that song hoping to get it supported and distributed by National Geographic to create awareness in saving the fantastic Tiger. Can you believe that man kills this beautiful animal for its body parts! How sick is that?
I met a down and out man on the street who started to tell me his dreams, and I wrote It Could Be you.
Those high heels clicking on the street, long legs going by in tight jeans and that inspired She’s All Woman.

Then that visit to a strip club created Bit of Heaven and two love songs, Rainbow and I Love you Baby.

Finished off with South Africa’s Lament, and the sometimes farcical state of affairs in South Africa! Eat beetroot. Take a shower, cures Aids, etc.

Nicolaas Van Den Bergh
Made In America

This album is all about life and happenings in the USA. From the assassination of the Kennedy Brothers, Sonny Liston, the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, New York Marathon Day etc.

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01 Marilyn Monroe Vs Sonny Liston
02 Made In America
03 The Picket Fence Dilemma
04 Downtown 2nd Avenue
05 Ring Around The Moon
06 Lazy Life Central Park
07 New York Marathon Day
08 No For An Answer
09 Calling Out To Carol
10 Last Throw Of The Dice
11 I Dont Know You
12 Garden Party Revisited

This 2nd Album and its Songs were inspired by a number of visits to New York with my son Justin Bergh on music business and also to the year I spent working in Chicago in my earlier years as a Chartered Accountant. Holidays in Miami, California and Los Angeles, absorbing the culture, absorbing the history, absorbing the music and the unsolved mysteries. Learning to drive on the other side of the road.

I have always loved America, its people and its culture. A New York morning run in Central Park, a full breakfast at a Diner, live music at The Bitter End and Arlenes Grocery, catching a show on Broadway.

In Chicago, watching The Chicago Bears, Walter Payton was the running back at the time and OJ “juice” Simpson appeared in a car rental advert. Howard Cosell a TV commentator, Mayor Daley in Chicago, the freezing Chicago winter. Doing the Audit of Baxter Travenol, a swim in Lake Michigan. Larry King Live.

The unsolved who dunnit Kennedy saga, Marilyn Monroe, the Picket Fence gunman theory, Dealey Plaza, the Book Depository and Elm Street on that fatefull Texas day. To the Soldier coming back from Iraq on New York Marathon Day, wondering where all his savings have gone to and feeling out of place. Wall Street and Toxic Debt. Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston, the phantom punch and the strange circumstances surrounding Liston’s  death.

Then there are the adult men’s clubs Downtown Manhattan New York, a Garden Party attended by Celebrities who have all passed on from this Earth, Whom of these would you have as your dinner party guests? One day you look up and there’s a strange Ring Around The Moon and odd things happen!
Sometimes you have to make that Last Throw Of The Dice and other times you remind yourself never to Take No For An Answer.

Made In America, God Bless America, the Queen on the Chess Squares made up of countries around the World. Keeping the radicals in check and making the world a safer place for You and Me.

Hope you enjoy the songs. I’ve been thinking as well that my
next albums could be a series of, for example: Made In America 2, Made In France, Made In Britain etc? Some interesting stories to tell!

Nicolaas Van Den Bergh
Crazy World

This is my 3rd album and i’m really proud of it. this collection of songs has been put together specially for South Africa. I took some songs from my Made in America album, which was written specifically for the USA market and a few from my first album, Eve Of Destruction which I mainly gave  a copy away to anyone who purchased one of my art pieces., and some more new ones I wrote which I think are smashing. I just cant stop writing songs and they keep flowing out of my thoughts.

At present click here to listen to some tracks.

01 Crazy World
02 The Stranger
03 Eve of Destruction
04 Global Warming Chimes
05 Sweet Mother of Mine
06 Downtown
07 The Letter
08 Lazy Life
09 Marilyn Monroe vs Sonny Liston
10 Ring Around The Moon
11 Beautiful Reine
12 Rainbow
13 Bit Of Heaven
14 Brian Jones Rolling Stone
15 It Could Be You
16 Where Do You Go To My Lovely
17 Save The Tiger

Sweet Mother is about the night my mom died, Beautiful Reine, listening to the rain and remembering.  Marilyn Monroe vs Sonny Liston tells the story of unsolved incidents relating to the strange deaths of Marilyn and world heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Brian Jones Rolling Stone asks the questions on the drowning of the original leader of the Rolling Stones whose inquest into his suicide has recently been reopened.

The Stranger is about lost souls, Crazy World, Bit of Heaven and Downtown are about Bar incidents involving women, Lazy Life is a cool summers day and taking it easy, Eve Of Destruction  describes world issues, and I included the classic Where Do You Go To My Lovely as I played this song a 1000 times in the army days on guitar. Rainbow is about following your dreams, The Letter from a girlfriend who wants you back!  Global Warming Chimes tells the truth.

Ring Around the Moon, one  night I was standing outside having a cigarette and I looked up and there was a ring around the moon. strange things started happenning. I was stopped in the street by a bum and I wrote It Could Be You immediately afterwards about his life as he told it me.

Then my passion, To Save The Tiger. there are tiger farms in china where they are breeding tigers for their body parts. they stupidly believe that tiger parts cure all sorts of diseases. its cruel and shocking how the chinese and other eastern countries are still being allowed to sell tiger parts without being stopped by the international community. what a beautiful Cat. not only being killed for body parts but by hunters and poachers for their skins.

Use Save the Tiger song freely. send it by MP3 to all your friends by e mail put it on facebook, myspace etc. this will help create awareness for the  plight of the Tiger which is on the endangered species list. Hope you enjoy all my songs and check out other my website log on for  my newsletter on my website and send me comments as well. Im on facebook and myspace.