About Me


In my youth I loved music and taught myself to play Guitar at 9 . Then as I got older, I would miss rugby practice to rush home and record all the new 60’s songs from the radio on a reel to reel tape with a microphone as close to the speaker as possible. I could sing them all.

Formed a band in the 60’s and at the time we played at private parties, all the usual stuff, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rockin Berries, Lovin Spoonfull, Animals, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Bob Dylan, etc.. Long hair, bell bottomed jeans, chelsea boots, striped t shirt.

As was usual in South Africa, you must become a doctor, dentist or accountant, music they said! You must be mad!, so studies came first, hence my professional qualifications and the band disappearing. I did my time in the army as a Crew Commander of an Armoured Vechile.

Someone found a guitar. On request I must have played Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt a million times for the squadron, more times than the writer himself ever did. They loved it. I played it at the oldest restaurant in France at Montmartre. Could not resist. They clapped.


Years later one night standing out side having a cigarette, I felt a sudden breeze in my eyes. I had the urge to revisit my lifelong music passion, which had been fueled by Justin’s [my son Justin Bergh] successes and my uncle who died at 21, a brilliant violinist. An idea for a Musical came to me in the blink of an eye, I saw it all, the whole story in detail immediately.

In three weeks I wrote a 2 hour full theatre musical, called Sixties Revisited, which has been presented to London West End Theatre. I then started on page one of the Bible, and am in the process of completing 5 Bible Musicals for a world wide television series. I was writing songs so fast that in the mornings I could not remember my own chords from the day before! Some 70 songs later so far. I am honoured to have recently teamed up with SAMA finalist, Justin Bergh, and together, we are going to bring the Bible Series of music to the world."

The Most Reverend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Emeritus, Nobel Prize winner and awesomely respected throughout the world has given me a letter of introduction to whomever I wish.